Platinum Yachts International deals in the world's finest yachts, combining decades of experience with superior, personalized service. Located in the yachting capital of the world, our Fort Lauderdale headquarters is at the epicenter of the industry.

From inception, our company was built on three simple, yet paramount, principles.


Luxury permeates through Platinum Yachts International, from the assets we work with to the service we provide. We select an exclusive group of clients to ensure we provide the utmost level of modern luxury.


We cultivate strong relationships with our clients, partners and industry colleagues because there is no substitute for established connections. Understanding our clients allows us to better deliver and, in turn, our clients know they have a superior resource at their fingertips. Working alongside influential players in yachting opens up opportunities for our clients that others cannot access. We work every day to nurture existing relationships and forge new ones for your benefit.


We believe in exceeding expectations in all that we do. To uphold that belief, our team members strive to not only apply their unmatched yacht experience, but continuously expand on it. We encourage each other to explore new destinations, experience the latest in yacht innovation and share information across the team to stay at the forefront of the yachting industry.